Invisible is a first-person  horror game currently in development.


About the game

Invisible, is a single-player game with the goal of sending chills down your spine. 
Invisible is a first person horror game.
Utilizing endless tension, exceptional 3d graphics, and a horrifying soundscape, 
this game is crafted to scare your pants off!  


You will meet a boy with revengeful thoughts in Invisible.                        
You will be told a story of unfortunate child raised by the parents.                        
Are we naturally born evil?                        
Or, are we made to be evil?                        
Here’s a young boy abused by his mother who is the root of life,                         
without being protected by his parents.                         
His vengeance has become much bigger as he grows up.                        
One day, his sword of revenge gets lost.                         
He starts taking revenge again although it seems to be vanished                        
with his mother’s death.  

I just wanted to be happy. 


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